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We are proud to present the first book published on the We just launched it on Amazon a few days ago and it already sold and been borrowed a few times.

99 Things to do in Pattaya is a long overdue book about OTHER things you can do in Pattaya. Many tourists travel to Pattaya on the east cost of Thailand but most of them end up on Walking Street night after night. For those who want to see something different the travel “mafia” keeps a tight leech on what tourist can see. Fears Fighting over commission stop them to promote anything that is free or commission free. If you tourist destinations is not affiliated with the tourist “mafia” in Pattaya you are not likely to get any customers. Destinations not a member of the tourism industry in general are not likely to be mentioned in any brochure or general Thai promotion.
Pattaya is now going five-star but the tourist industry is not keeping up, you can try yourself and visit at least 10 travel agencies and they will give you the same old list of what to do in Pattaya.

After one year of research the publishing are proud to present 99 Things to do in Pattaya, many of them free many of them totally unknown to the general Public.

“I never knew there was a water fall in Pattaya” – Gratton Burke – England

“The books brings a new life to Pattaya” – Mindstream –

“Pattaya never looked better” – Editor,

“A book everybody should read before coming to Pattaya” -Editor, PATTAYANEWSPAPER.COM.

“Did you know there’s a waterfall in Pattaya?” – Mark Rogers, Pattaya Mix 88.5.

“I don’t know about the waterfall in Pattaya” – David Indy, Grand plaza Hotel.

“There is a waterfall but I do not think many people know about it” – Bent Strudahl Hansen. Pattaya long time Resident.

“Wow there is a waterfall in Pattaya?” -Laurent A. Pousse. Shanghai, China.

“I was amazed there was a waterfall in Pattaya” – Robert Proctor. Sydney, Australia.

“The waterfall looks impressive particularly in the rainy season. However, even when the water is not abundant, tourists can track up and down the rock” – Tony Sjödin,Thai European Export Partners Co,. Ltd.

Making this book was not easy, most of the information online is only in Thai and never updated. The information on the websites are so outdated and wrong that the owner of the destinations did not even know about the information on the websites. It took the author about one year to find all the places and in the new hard cover version there will be photos from all the places and destinations.

The books is now available on Kindle to borrow with accordance with the Kindle Prime program, you can also buy your own Kindle book for just $9.99

Here is the access to the extra chapters if you need access just comment on this post, or post in Thailand Forum.

99 Things to do in Pattaya

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