Newbie Guide to Pattaya Attractions Discover Thailand

Destination Thailand – Exploring Pattaya

“Pattaya”, the word traditionally has a meaning – wind flow from southwest to northeast. It’s one of soothing and exotic locations in the world. Located on east coast on the gulf of Thailand it attracts innumerable tourists every year. It was once a small fishing village until it was found by American army in Vietnam War in 1961.The small fishing village today comprises one of biggest hotels, departmental stores, shops.
Pattaya has a tropical climate with temperatures around 30-32 degree centigrade. It remains hot and humid during March-May, but it gets rainy during June-October. November to February is pleasant time to visit as it is warm and dry.

Pattaya is 147 kms from Bangkok which can be reached within 3 hours drive. Various types of transport sources like buses and private cabs are available. Pattaya can also be reached by train which connects Pattaya to Hualumphong Station in Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi airport is 120 km away from Pattaya and it is easily accessible by road.
Pattaya beach area has top 5 star hotels and resorts –Mantra Pura resorts, Royal Cliff beach hotel, Royal Wing and Spa Hotel, Amari Orchid Resort and Towers. There’s no doubt about their classy hospitality & services, which are exemplified by the best tourism surveys worldwide.

Pattaya provides leisure and pleasure having three beautiful beaches-Pattaya beach, Jomtien beach and Ko Lan(coral islands).
Pattaya beach is main beach as it comprises of all the night life, restaurants, Casino poker halls and shopping malls. It faces Pattaya bay and curves from north to back to south. Southern area of beach provides an elegant nightlife, central metro area provides a dazzling shopping experience and northern area of shiny beach gives just the chill and relaxation, anybody would be expecting from such holiday destination .

If one is looking for quiet rejuvenating destination for such pleasure, Jomtien beach is the place to go for. It’s white colored sand grains and blue crystalline water provide a sense of eternal ecstasy, which will bind you through its impeccable beauty.
Water sports are basic theme games organized for coral islands which are approximately 7 kms away from central Pattaya. Water surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling are the other interesting sports for tourists.

Pattaya is just not for beaches, it has many famous sacred places.Buddha hill is a small hill which has statue of lord Buddha at its summit. It’s one of the highest points in Pattaya. The Sanctuary of Truth for example is a wooden structure about vision of human civilization, though unfinished it still finds thousands of tourists.
If you’re an animal lover then you’re bound to find Pattaya a very resourceful place to explore it’s fauna. Pattaya has various wildlife connections, The Million Year Stone and Crocodile Farm and Pattaya elephant village are two places for animal lovers. Underwater world provides an exotic display of marine life of Pattaya bay. The 105 meters long tunnel displays fantastic marine features from all across the Thailand and world.

Pattaya also provides famous nightlife event having Asia’s largest gay feature at Boyztown. Gogo bars, massage salons and saunas provide prostitutes, which has made Pattaya one of the most active sex locations in whole Asia. Finger’s crossed.
Conclusively, Pattaya is one the most attractive and fascinating location in Asia which provides aesthetic sense along with rush of the urban world. But it’s not all. there’s plenty to explore & feel the jolt of Pattaya yourself.

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