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Pattaya Sport & Activities Activate Thailand

Did you know there is Shooting, kit Surfing, Bungee Jump, Football, Muay Thai and many world-class golf courses in Pattaya? This Pattaya Sports book really sort facts to fiction listing so many new things you can do in the group sport. If you check the tourist information you hardly find anything like this since the […]

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Guide How to Date Thai girls Online

A book written by a Thai girl is something special and should be read by everyone. This book is written by a Thai girl with over 5000 friends on Facebook. She is well-known in the Facebook community. It is written in a funny way with samples from her life encounters. Over the last two years […]


The Complete Guide to Natural Remedies for STD

Medical companies turn natural remedies into medication. Then, they would label it as medication and would charge us a hefty amount for it. They even hunt and sue people who use natural remedies which they themselves have used to formulate their medicines. This book cannot solve all the pain and problems on STD and STI. […]

Newbie Guide to Pattaya Attractions Discover Thailand

Destination Thailand – Exploring Pattaya “Pattaya”, the word traditionally has a meaning – wind flow from southwest to northeast. It’s one of soothing and exotic locations in the world. Located on east coast on the gulf of Thailand it attracts innumerable tourists every year. It was once a small fishing village until it was found […]

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Welcome to No Cover Charge! Our visual homepage highlights new, bestsellers and featured products. We also have a blog to highlight new books and Authors. We are proud to be a member of the Amazon Prime family, lending books for free to libraries across the world and the Amazon community. We are planning to publish […]