Sports and activities in Pattaya Thailand


Find out all the sports activities to do in Pattaya. 58 pages of pure sports and activities in Pattaya Thailand. Available on Kindle from Amazon

Did you know there is Shooting, kit Surfing, Bungee Jump, Football, muay Thai and many world class golf courses in Pattaya? This Pattaya Sports book really sort facts to fiction listing so many new things you can do in the class sport. If you check the tourist information you hardly find anything like this since the tourist Mafia in Pattaya get no commission to promote sport. Try to find any sport in a tourist brochure and they might give you a Jet Ski scam or a Banana tour if you lucky. If you interested in doing sports and not just looking at it on a TV in a bar this book is something for you. It follows the great success of 99 Things to do in Pattaya.


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